Hi I am Liz Mesa. Living Life to it’s fullest is my motto. I juggle Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and all the little extras! Passionate entrepreneur, skincare maven, product pusher and lacquer lover, Serving up your daily dose of beauty. Skincare Expert, Beauty Influencer, Beauty Blogger,  Master Educator + Wellness Center Owner. (at Liz Skincare) ♥ I am real and I don’t sugar coat anything. I aim to accomplish all of my goals. Once I started writing down my goals and taking positive daily actions toward them, they became visible! No one runs my life, I run my own. Devastating life-event caused me to seek more of the answers within myself. My own personal growth and greatest life lessons came out of my life’s lowest points. I picked up the pieces, the Mental, Physical and Spiritual evolution process is ongoing – span several years. We all see the world as a reflection of ourselves. I think what makes me awesome is my continuous solitude, my independence, I’m amazing at being different. I have the power to heal. “My inner dialogue” Lift your thoughts, lift your expectations & lift yourself. Train yourself to look for the good things you want and the good will respond. Each and every experience, condition, and situation in our lives is telling us what we need to do. Affirm – I have inherited an abundance of every good thing. Thank you! ❤️ Invest in YOU. Value YOU. Do what makes YOU happy! Greet each day with an open heart and amplify the vibration of success, prosperity and spiritual attributes!  All power is within you. Recognize it, affirm it and work it into consciousness until you become one with it. See the end goal in your mind clearly and it will come true even if the goal is out of your reach and people say it is not possible. Anything is possible if you focus and work patiently. A positive, healthy sense of self-value and -worth is the foundation of my happiness and success. I close the door to 34 and open my mind, my heart, and my spirit to the blessings coming my way for my 35th birthday “Following my bliss” These three words are the compass of my life; they tell me what direction to point toward in every moment. Successful people trust themselves. They’re willing to take the chance. My journey continues….

What inspired you to choose the skincare and beauty profession?

As a forward thinking and dedicated Beautician I love helping people. I loved seeing the difference I make in peoples life. I love my profession because there is no better feeling than building confidence in others by enhancing my clients natural features. I enjoy giving advice on what direction to take to ensure proper skincare and grooming. I take great pride in everything I do. I genuinely care about each and every client I see.

Describe what makes you unique 

My Kind Heart ✨ My Fierce Mind ✨ My Brave Siprit

Describe why you enjoy blogging 
When hard work and preparation meet opportunity, the result is success. I ask myself whose life am I going to change? I created my blog because I am trying to connect with real people. I believe that each woman should dream at whatever scale she desires, then pursue to accomplish them. I am making my dreams come true, and I hope I can serve as example that hard work pays off.

I grew up in an environment where nothing was the same from day to day, where the only predictable thing was unpredictability. All I can say downright dysfunctional. By the young age of 16 I was a teen mom. After giving birth to my daughter Isabel which I love with all my heart and soul my true BFF. Somehow, each day I developed a compulsive, tenacious drive to succeed. I learned to be resilient no matter what came my way. Overcoming Adversity  challenges, difficulties, and many times heartbreaking adversities. This has been my  real life experience. I am letting people in my life. Bringing my fans along my journey. My daily personal & business journey and real life moments. My space to vent. In my blog you will find out how I juggle Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and all the little extras!

Whether you are white, black, brown or purple, know you have what it takes to execute.  For those that need a guide a little something to get you going, a reminder you are not alone, inspiration, some encouraging words, I created this blog for you. Hope you enjoy it! ❤️

Describe why you enjoy being an Entrepreneur

I love being an entrepreneur because I am able to set my own schedule around my family life. Being a busy mom of three, I have the flexibility to schedule clients around my children’s activities. My children are my world. My motivation, my reason to get up each day and try harder. At the end of the day,  being an entrepreneur forces me to become a better me. And now, last but not least being an entrepreneur has allowed me to create a career niche that didn’t even exist before I made it up. No one in Miami offered or tailored skincare and body grooming for men. I wanted to do something different. I targeted and untapped market and now have a huge repeat clientele base for Manscaping including brazilian waxing.

Describe your strong points of the services you perform at Liz Skincare

I would say my strong points are hair removal (waxing) in any area, and facials really I can do it all well, but these are the services I do the most.  I love to make people feel good about themselves.

Why do you love working at Liz Skincare?

I love working at Liz Skincare because there is NO GREATER Skincare and grooming center in Miami FL.  I love the clients and the people I work with. The excitement of trying new things and allowing myself to fall, get up, and grow; there’s the sensation of being spontaneous and being able to customize it all.

What is your favorite service at the center and Why is it your favorite?

My favorite service to receive at Liz Skincare is the exfoliation body wrap. WOW! Is what I have to say about this service.  I love the scrubbing wrap. It’s absolutely amazing! Your skin is so soft after and you are so relaxed.  It’s a piece of heaven on earth! For those that like the heat I recommend the detox sauna as add on to treatment.

Tell a little about your personality & how it relates to the success of your profession.

I think the reason why I have success in this industry is because I really care about people and they can tell that. I am about building a relationship with you and doing whatever I can to make it be the best experience ever. I am honest and very passionate.

What are your Hobbies and/or interests?

I LOVE being with my little family. I enjoy blogging Check out my blog Confessions,Trends & Secrets by beauty expert Liz Mesa https://lizskincare.wordpress.com/

Why should a client choose to come experience and have a service by you?

I have lots of experience and I love what I do.  I do whatever I can to make you happy every time you come in.  I seriously love my job.

How to contact me: If you want me to make you handsome / pretty, or just want to say hello, you can get in touch with me by heading over here E-Mail: Liz@LizSkincare.com or lizskincare@gmail.com Phone: 1-305-541-1630 Passionate about wellness. Available for talks and wellness projects and always happy to meet bright people with great ideas.

Contact me for: 

Marketing, Social Media, Public relations, Branding, Consulting offers, New ventures, Job inquiries, Expertise requests, Business deals, Reference requests, Charity Events, Fitness & Wellness Events.

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Thankfully yours,
Liz Mesa