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Thank you for checking out my blog. I love making new connections. I continually try to educate myself with all the modern and traditional techniques that are used in the wellness & beauty Industry to provide the highest level of client satisfaction. I strive to stay current and educate and promote wellness .. for a healthier life … Want to say hello, you can get in touch with me by heading over here: E-Mail: Liz@LizSkincare.com  E-Mail: lizskincare@gmail.com Call or Text – PH: 1-305-541-1630

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Great place for  Influencers / Bloggers and Entrepreneurs to show case blog post and share recommendations or opinions on business, wellness and lifestyle. How to overcome hurdles then and now. Juggling (family, friends, work, and more), how we moved through them, and what we are up to next. Let’s help, encourage each other, sharing information and promoting! Join me! Please interact and please comment on posts. 

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Products Public Relations Representatives Inquiries: I am an expert and my information is sourced from my own experiences. Products I review are based on my own experience. Plus the feed back and results I see on my repeat clientele. With over a decade in experience with skin, beauty, and wellness I offer Specialized Skin Care. I have tested many skincare and beauty brands & products. Clients always ask me but which types of skin care products do I really need? I only recommend products that I and my staff have tried and tested. ✨So who better to ask for skin-care advice than the women who uses products for a living✨I am constantly seeing ✨real results✨and getting ✨real feed back✨ from my clientele on a daily basis. Think about it, What is more important? Skincare service or appropriate home care products? TRICK QUESTION – EQUALLY IMPORTANT


The products featured are either purchased by me, or may be Press samples {from media events attended} or sent by PR companies or the Brand companies themselves for consideration and sometimes for review. How ever I come by the products, I will promise that the quality of my product review or writing is never compromised. I always highlight pros and cons of products in all my reviews. Sponsored products are never guaranteed of a positive review but I promise to be fair – both to the brands and to the readers hence the pros and cons – so consumers are better informed.

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Liz Skincare Blog

Liz Skincare Blog

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