Wrinkles Home Remedies for The Skin.

Wrinkles are the sign of aging. The collagen present in the skin looses with aging. As a result, the skin appears wrinkled or creased. Although, appearance of wrinkles is a biological process, but free radicals and UV rays speed up the process. Before the wrinkles snatch the beauty of your face, treat them! You can overcome this problem at home with the help of natural skin care remedies.

Understand the causes and symptoms of wrinkles.

Various factors are responsible for causing wrinkles, like:

▪ Ageing, Smoking, Free radicals
Sun exposure -Not wearing sunscreen. Most people know how important SPF  but there are still those who skip sunscreen because they think a little tan here and there won’t hurt. “The vast majority of aging signs come from unprotected skin exposure, by not wearing sunscreen, you’re actually accelerating the process.”
Stress –  The Stress Hormone Cortisol May Cause Premature Aging
▪ Lack of nutrition, Genetics
▪ Dehydration, Rapid Weight Loss
▪ Lack of proper skin care, Poor nutrition and diet

Home Remedies for The Skin

  1. Pineapple

    Pineapple contains vitamin C, which is great for skin, especially if you are trying to get rid of wrinkles. Apply pineapple pulp on your skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. You can also use pineapple juice to massage your face. Do this in a circular motion for 15 min. It will improve the blood circulation, tone your skin, and remove wrinkles.

  2. Coconut Oil

    Apply warm coconut oil on your skin. Coconut oil will make your skin firm and lift your face.

  3. Banana

    Mash a banana in a bowl with the help of a fork (fork works well than any masher). Mash until you don’t get a cream like consistency. Apply it on the face evenly and leave it for half an hour. Rinse thoroughly. Do not rub your skin until it dries out.

  4.  Tea

    Tea provides many benefits along with the wrinkle-free skin. Green tea also works great. Therefore, drink tea on a daily basis. This will detoxify your skin and give you a fresh younger looking skin.

  5. Cucumber

    Get some cucumber and cut it into thin slices. Place it on the face. Cucumber will soften the skin and remove wrinkles.

  6. Tomato

    Tomato is a very effective home remedy for face wrinkles. Eat a tomato daily. This will tighten your skin and give your cheeks natural redness. You can also apply tomato pulp on your face and neck. It will give you instant brightening and younger looking skin.

  7. Olive Oil

    Olive oil is a great home remedy for face wrinkles. It hydrates and returns the lost moisture to your skin. Mix a few drops of lemon in it while massaging the face for 20 min. It will make your face radiant, bright and wrinkle-free. Use olive oil in cooking and on salads for better and younger skin.

  8. Almond Oil

    A few drops of almond oil can really help in getting rid of those stressing crow’s feet. Take 1-2 drops of almond oil on your fingertips and apply it on under eye skin. This is the best home remedy for wrinkles under eyes.

  9. Watermelon

    Rub watermelon skin on your face. Leave it for 5-7 minutes. Then, wash it off with cold water. This will freshen up your dull skin and make it really smooth.

  10. Water

    Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Drinking water will hydrate your body and face.

  11. Honey & Lemon

    Whether you intake honey or apply it externally, it works wonder. Take honey and lemon juice in an equal amount and mix them well. Apply it on your face. This will make your facial skin tight and wrinkle-free. This will also remove the tanning. Wash your face with warm water and apply honey on your face. Rub gently, and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then, after washing your face with warm water, rub an ice cube.

  12. Rice

    Take some rice powder. Mix rose water and milk in it so as to make a thick smooth paste. Apply this face pack on your wet face, and let it stay for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water. This pack will tighten and brighten your skin, removing wrinkles.

  13. Papaya

    Papaya is a very good option for removing wrinkles and fine lines. Take a piece of papaya and mash it. Add honey to it and apply it on the neck and face. It is a very effective natural remedy for wrinkles and will bring glow on your face.

  14. Rose Water

    Put some turmeric and add honey and rose water in it. Make a fine paste and apply it on your neck and face. Repeat this once a week.
    Note- Do not use this face mask more than once a week as it can make your skin dry.

  15. Mint

    1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon of mint, and half cucumber (chopped). Put it in a blender and blend it well. After blending, put this mixture in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Apply it on your face and neck in order to get bright and younger looking skin. Wash it off with warm water.



I hope these tips help you guys out and help remove any wrinkles you’re having trouble with 🙂

Wrinkles Home Remedies for The Skin. Wrinkles are the sign of aging. The collagen present in the skin looses with aging. Wrinkles Home Remedies


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