Permanent Makeup Cosmetic Artistry in Miami

Permanent Makeup Cosmetic Artistry in Miami

Permanent Makeup in Miami is a new trend. Nothing is more freeing than Permanent make-up. Enhance Your Lips, eyes and eyebrows. Affordable eyebrow microblading in Miami. Permanent makeup, also called micropigmentation. Think of the procedure like super-precision tattooing (involving local anesthetic, so it’s not as painful). “Permanent makeup can also be used on the body […]

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

Makeup brushes guide for beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists. Blending and powder brushes may look similar but their uses are very different. This is the case for many makeup brushes—and when used incorrectly their full potential is being missed. Understanding how to properly use each makeup brush can take your makeup routine to the next […]

Nude Lipsticks – Low maintenance

Adding to my collection 👌 Hi Guys, I have always loved nude lipsticks.  – With a new baby and crazy schedule these shades are perfect for days you don’t want a completely bare lip but need natural, low-maintenance colour. Let me know what you’re wearing on your lips today 😉

Nickel In Your Cosmetics

Nickel in your Cosmetics “It’s well known that our everyday cosmetic products contain many substances that cause allergies,” said Dr. Fonacier. “Although the cosmetic industry is one of the largest in the world, it is not highly regulated in the U.S. The average person uses 12 personal products a day. Those 12 products may contain […]