Cystic Acne – Causes, Picture, Treatment

  Cystic Acne – inflammatory cysts known as acne cysts filled with fluid. Will not disappear or resolve on their own if untreated. Genetics and unbalanced hormones are the cause of cystic acne. Small or large cystic pimples start as normal clogged pores. Cystic pimples become inflamed going under the skin becoming cysts. The risks […]

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

Makeup brushes guide for beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists. Blending and powder brushes may look similar but their uses are very different. This is the case for many makeup brushes—and when used incorrectly their full potential is being missed. Understanding how to properly use each makeup brush can take your makeup routine to the next […]

EYE LICE – will make your skin crawl!! 

Doing some research I came across this article. Very disturbing 😳 Enough to make your skin crawl! Woman horrified after doctors removed more than 20 lice… that were living in her EYE Watch Video 😳 [wpvideo hdFnSDvC] The woman sought out an eye specialist for her extremely swollen and red left eye. Eye lice can be […]