As a forward thinking and dedicated Beautician I love helping people.  I love that my blog is reaching out to people that are in need of help with their skin.  I get emails daily asking me for help or advice on their skin or their regimen and I have been lucky enough to talk to (email as well) people all over the country. Not only do I share advice but I am able to ship products and steer these new clients on a path to healthier skin. Let me do that for you!

If you live too far to come see me in person, this is perfect! I am offering appointments by phone or you can email me. It will be necessary to send pictures.

I invite you to Book Your Personal Consultation Now! by Calling 305-541-1630

Consultation must be pre-paid ($30). Click here to purchase. “Phone Consultation”

I cater to my clients specific needs with the utmost discretion.I continually try to educate myself with all the modern and traditional techniques that are used in the Beauty and Health Industry to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. I give my clients the very best of myself and my knowledge.

Thankfully yours,

Liz Mesa


Forward thinking and dedicated Beautician.

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