To Dive Deeper Inner Voice

Observation – After a hard day’s work, many people dream of tranquility and peace, but few people take it for themselves. Most, after work, feel an anxiety that pushes them to consume (shopping, media or other). But why do people repudiate tranquility? Why not enjoy alone time? I’ve known people that couldn’t stand being by themselves, […]

Pregnancy Skincare Routine

Skin Moisturizing – When pregnant woman need extra moisturizing. Look for products with glycerin, hyaluronic acid or my personal favorite cocoa butter with vitamins E – smoothes stretch marks and tones skin. Acne Breakouts – During pregnancy, you must avoid retinoids, retin-a or renova or salicylates products can be harmful to developing baby Recommended products […]

Lip Bleaching – Dark Circle Around The Mouth Area

Dark circles around the mouth can be embarrassing and hard to conceal. Client totally embarrassed to take pictures because the dark circles would stand out so much. After only 3 treatments of skin bleaching client is very happy and self esteem back up. One last treatment left for total perfection.  Makes me very happy to help my […]

Skin whitening, skin lightening, and skin bleaching product.

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