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Sharing with aspiring estheticians. Esthetics is a sales field. You sell yourself, products and services and if you are not willing to do that then you won’t be successful.

I’m one of those rare estheticians who is extremely successful in her career. With that said, I will tell you that I have been working for 11+ years and it took a long time to make real money. My best advice to anyone who wants to be a WORKING esthetician is to tell them to develop excellent waxing skills, above all else. Waxing is perfunctory, so no matter what the economy is doing, your clients will continue waxing. High quality esthetics education can be very hard to come by, but is absolutely necessary, as is continuing education.

  • Research continuously, train relentlessly, and understand that each time I walk into the treatment room my goal is to help my client build better skin. I do not do what everyone else does. I have build my own treatment protocols that have extraordinary results.
  • Work incredibly hard! Never do I work fewer than 50 hrs and there are many weeks I work more. I sweep, vacuum, clean, and absolutely anything else that needs to be done to make my place one of sanctuary and retreat for my clients as well as a place of fabulous skin care.

For over 11 years, I have grown a great clientele at Liz Skincare located in Miami FL. “Being successful estheticians depends on how badly you want it” There are some ups and downs, for example: I don’t get breaks. If there’s a chance to shove food in our mouths at any point in the day, we snatch the rare opportunity and choke it down as fast as we can. Someone is going to walk in the door and want a facial or brazilian wax on our scheduled break, and we can’t turn away clients. That is a big No-No.

We clean everything. Tables, chairs, floors, wax pots, tools, We spend nearly as much time setting up and cleaning up as we do with clients. I scrub toilets, bathroom floors, take out garbage, sometimes several times a day. I deal with dirty hair, dirty faces, dirty bodies. Some clients don’t feel the need to shower before coming in. Doing services all day is exhausting and very tough on the body. Back strain, muscle tension, carpal tunnel, breakouts from stress.

Becoming a beauty professional also means you become an unintentional therapist. Since clients feel safe, they sometimes unload their problems on us. We are always here to listen. It’s in our nature to want to help as much as we can, but there’s only so much we can do. It’s emotionally draining to have a client cry on the table. But believe me it makes me very proud that my clients feel safe confining their darkest secrets with me. Very early in my career I learned confidentiality is a major key for success.

I don’t get paid maternity leave because of the traffic in my shop I personally worked till the day before my C-Section was scheduled and then went right back to work 4 days after my C-Section of course I had to slow down to recover and bond with my bundle of joy! So again, I don’t get paid time off, or paid vacations, but on the other hand I have complete control of my schedule. I can take any day off  I want, a ton of freedom, one of the best perks because I have 3 kids. I always encourage women to partake in Entrepreneurship.

Realistically expect that building a clientele will take a minimum of nine months to one year. I would strongly recommend that you begin your esthetics career in a part-time capacity (you will NOT be able to pay the rent in the beginning). In my experience, only the best of the best, of estheticians are ever able to do esthetics as a full time living. With that said, YES, it is possible to be very, very successful; however, it takes a long time, hard work, a willingness to be as diversified in the treatments that you offer as possible, and the correct working environment. I did it, and I have done extremely well. Currently, I own my own skin care practice and I am booked to near capacity.

Hard work pays off.

If you want to be a successful esthetician you need to:

  • Be ok with working with male and female based clientele and staff.
  • SELL not only yourself and services you offer, but also products.
  • You need to be money driven as well as customer service oriented.
  • You need to be ok with touching people, and making them feel good…even when you are feeling bad.
  • Always be professional in appearance, and with the way you talk and present yourself to clients.
  • Make sure to be a people person.  This means you listen to your clients talk if they want to talk, and you shut your mouth and make them feel relaxed if they came to you to relax or just get a results oriented service.
  • Be highly reliable, and consistent in your work. When you have 10 clients on the books one day it doesn’t matter if carpal tunnel is driving you nuts or you have a cough. You show up and work. It is a huge inconvenience to the clients and the company you work for to have to call all those clients and reschedule them. You also might lose clients in the process.
  • Learn be a VERY VERY patient person, in many aspects.

As an esthetician you can make a lot of money, yes. You can also burn out really fast while waiting to make some actual money. You have to be willing to do all of the above, plus some, in order to really make it. If you stick with it you can make some money. To start out, you have to find a good and reputable company to get your foot in at. From there, it’s all in your hands.

  • Future estheticians Never sacrifice self-care.

“Taking care of yourself is so important when you’re in a field where you take care of other people,”

Even if you only get short breaks between clients, make them count. Stretch, eat, go for a quick walk, meditate or do whatever helps you avoid feeling stressed out. In terms of overall lifestyle, a healthy diet and regular exercise are essential.
“People are coming to you for a peaceful experience and for their monthly or bi-monthly treat. You have to be grounded. You have to be in a good mental, physical and emotional space.”

I’m very happy with the choice I made years ago of  becoming a Licensed and certified medical estheticians.  For those just entering the esthetics field,  If you want to make the most out of your esthetician career and need more advice or tips feel free to contact me. I love collaborating with colleagues in the Skin Care, Beauty and wellness field. 

I hope that this guide HELPS you guys on your journey towards a successful estheticians career.  


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  • Ivar Bremerthun

    Very good side with good infomation. Could wish that tje had been so good clinic in Norway too
    Because i like that work you do. That is very good and you show how the skin can be after you have take a round with your good work. I wish you many good years with this work. I will follow you the sll place with your good work.

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