Let’s face facts no one wants to get old. No one wants wrinkles. Infrared light stimulate cell activity in skin causing it to look younger. Achieve consistently clear, naturally radiant skin. 

  • Regardless of skin tone or severity of acne. I do recommend this treatment to any client who wish to have a smooth, tight and radiant skin complexion. 
  • Light therapy treatment. Using a combination of blue and red LED lights,  kills acne by penetrating deep into the skin, right into the source of where acne bacteria builds up. At the same time, the red LED lights reduce the inflammation of the skin, increasing the ability of the skin to heal at a faster rate.

During Mask Application

Galvanic is also used to pass active ingredients deeper into skin. So while you have a mask on, the current increases the penetration of the mask’s ingredients into your skin.
For those of you who like to know technical terms, this process is called iontophoresis. 
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Before Extractions

galvanic probes Galvanic is used with an acidic solution to open (dilate) pores, increase circulation in the area, and soften tissues. This makes it easier to remove an impaction (the plug inside a pore, i.e. a blackhead). It is especially useful when the blackheads are very hard and resistant to being squeezed out.
In esthetics, this process is called desincrustation.

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After Extractions

Galvanic is used with an alkaline solution to close pores, reduce circulation, soothe the nerves, and firm tissues.

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Q: How does blue light technology work?

A: Blue light kills the acne-causing bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes, or P acnes, which can cause inflammation. P acnes is sensitive to blue light. Using the blue light, eliminates the bacteria found in the oil glands in the skin. The added presence of infrared light (heat) in device causes the oil glands to shrink in size. The result is less oil in the skin and less bacteria, leading to the resolution of acne in the treated areas.
Q: Why is it effective?

A: Eliminating the bacteria from the skin with help from blue light decreases the inflammation associated with red pimples (papules) seen in acne. After a number of treatments, the blemishes disappear and skin regains its normal appearance
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In recent years, blue light therapy technology has gained increased popularity for the treatment of acne. Rejuvenate the skin, banish lines and wrinkles, increase hydration. Therapy is a clinically proven, painless, non-invasive & affordable treatment. 

Q: What in-office procedures use blue light therapy?
A: Blue LED technologies have been used in medical acne treatments for many years. Often they are utilized in photodynamic therapy, where a chemical is applied to enhance the effect on the skin. These treatments result in redness and flaking for several days. Blue light office treatment are FDA cleared, they use acne-fighting light wavelengths and are safe to use.

Q: What results have your clients experienced using light therapy?

A: My clients have experienced a significant decrease in the number of acne lesions, both pimples and cysts. Not only have they achieved better skin, there also has been a significant improvement in their self-confidence. Because most sufferers are young, the success of the treatment and reduction of their acne also helped their social life and interactions with others, both in a personal and a professional setting. I consider this a very big treatment success beyond just improving the condition itself. 

Verdict: When my clients I complete a course of LED treatments they are really pleased with the results. Clients report skin looked plumper, fresher and more radiant and got them lots of compliments from my friends and family. 

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