I personally love Lancôme skin care products. I have been using Lancôme for a few years. Over the last 10 years I’ve tried almost every moisturizer and eye cream. I have tested the Lancôme Illuminating Youth Activating Serum for the last 25 nights.

Lancôme eye-illuminating youth activating serum. This is the first Lancôme eye-illuminating serum, engineered with a unique rotating and massaging applicator to reach even the most inaccessible eye areas.

Verdict: I was very excited to test the serum because I have used so many Lancôme eye creams its nice to be able to compare with a serum which is more concentrated. Serum or Cream. The serum is great but does not leave skin as moisturized as eye creams do. I have really dry skin. So I tend to like greasy moisturizing products for my skin. I love the applicator. The applicator looks like a teardrop metal ball made of titanium. The titanium ball tip moves and swivels so can be easily maneuvered around the eyes. Because titanium is metal, the applicator tip remains cold, so this provides a soothing, cooling effect without common irritants like menthol or peppermint. I really liked the sensation feels nice.

Skin care tip: Don’t over-cleanse, always apply serum before face cream and NEVER sleep with your hair down. Keep hair away from the face! Indeed, products with a thinner consistency – such as serum – should always be applied before thick face creams. I always remind my clients ‘Applying more product doesn’t mean you’ll achieve better results,’ Apply less product and pay more attention to the way you apply it (many brands will provide a step-by-step specialized application method), and you’ll see greater results.’

Great for:

  • Puffy eyes
  • Dark circles
  • Wrinkle prevention

Illuminating Youth Activating is a Serum. Light non greasy feeling around the eyes.

Seriously, what is a serum? I get this question all the time from my clients that visit my skin care clinic Liz Skincare. Here’s the answer:

  • Serums are special because they are formulated with smaller molecules of concentrated ingredients which makes it possible for them to penetrate the skin deeper and deliver more active ingredients than other skincare products.
  • When we use these at night (when the skin is hard at work repairing itself), It’s possible to get the full benefit of the serum.

Lancôme Illuminating Youth Activating Serum is on the pricey side at $70 for a  0.67 fl. oz. bottle, I wanted to review the product to help anyone who might be considering it for their eye treatment. Please watch my video and comment below to tell me what you think.

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