Even kids can learn entrepreneurial skills to lead a successful life… As a parent, I want to give my daughter an edge, help her learn important skills to lead a successful life ‪#‎teenentrepreneur‬ ‪#‎mompreneur‬ Helping children learn the ropes about business will help to encourage an interest in education and business ownership.

There are so many ways to develop entrepreneurial potential in our children, but teachers and parents need support with this. Encourage children to participate in ‪‎classes‬, ‪‎camps‬ and other programs that promise to develop ‪#‎entrepreneurial‬ skills. Small businesses are the engine of job growth in our economy.

Experience is the best teacher and when it comes to business and finance, nothing beats going through it firsthand. Children should be given opportunities to practice entrepreneurial skills, such as resource management, customer service, and even marketing their products or services.

My daughter has a passion to become a NURSE – pursuing DERMATOLOGY and ADVANCED MEDICAL SKIN CARE PRACTICE. Having her own business in skincare‬ will get her one step closer to making her goal a reality!

A Chinese proverb says, “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”; this is especially true in the world of business. It is never too late to teach children about the importance of money management and business skills.

Check out my daughters website: http://www.loveatfirsttouch.org/

Touch skincare products Kids respect what they have to earn!

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I think teaching kids to be enterprising is a key skill. I think that being enterprising effects how they manage their time, how they engage with their learning, how agile they are in their thinking. I think it supports them in all of their work later in life. Starting a stand-alone business teach kids about growth, development, new markets, contributions, teaching them a sense of responsibility. 

Starting a business takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work and tough decisions.

What are your thoughts on raising entrepreneurial kids?

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