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I hear people say: Why do I keep going through the same situations over and over again?? Some of these people give up, some get stuck in a vicious cycle of their own making. “Get Your Shit Together” GROW UP. Don’t blame anyone or any situation for your mistakes. Own it .. if you fucked up learn and move on…. 

Stop taking things personally and learn to view problems as opportunities. Polish problem solving skills. Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons. Painful lessons make us open our eyes and we either drown or take a new gasp of air. Life is about finding solutions. 

What haven’t I’ve been through. You can’t even begin to imagine. Situations I can’t even begin to explain right now. I had to learn how to train my thinking. I had to coach myself. NO matter what other people say, do, or think about us, it is our opinions of ourselves that really matter at the end. Do you. When making decisions, sometimes it is good to question our own intentions “HOW IS THIS LUCRATIVE FOR ME” if there is nothing to gain or learn change the path. Don’t stay stuck.

I have personally been criticized for my ability to change what doesn’t make me happy. Circumstances change, the way we think change, life is constant change. The ability of reinventing ourselves is crucial for survival. The ability to reinvent a business strategy and even relationships etc.

Practice having faith in yourself. Learn how to listen to your -feelings, your intuition. I’ve found that when I am involved in a mess, my emotions run a bit stronger, kind of like a warning from my subconscious mind to pay attention to what’s happening around me. “Like a GPS rerouting my direction”

Life will continue to send us the same situations till we learn to overcome our patterns and learn our individual lessons.Be alert. Be open to change. When you’re open to recognizing why things are happening over and over again you can change it by learning the lesson, and in doing so, change your life. Leading to a happier life. Life will never be perfect but I choose to be happy in my journey.  In order to progress be open to change.

Liz Skincare Blog

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