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“Mentorship is everything in life & business,”

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The greatest joy of being a working mom is having the opportunity to contribute to my family’s financial well-being – I love teaching my children that everything you set your mind to do can be accomplished all the hard lessons I’ve learned in my own journey as a business owner. My journey to entrepreneurship was inspired by motherhood. I needed to start my business in-order to have the flexibility to be a full time mother enabling me to participate in all aspects of my children’s life and financially support us all at the same time! From very early on, parents set an example about what it means to be an adult. I like to think that I am setting a good example to my two boys and daughter about women and mothers in the workplace…. and as the children get older I hope they will be proud of me too.

My mother, my first teacher – the person who I admire … Sometimes, when I was down because of failures in my life, I always went to always encouraged me to work hard and make all my goals a reality. My mother worked hard to provide for us and I watched her struggles. As a child, I was impacted and I developed a sense of entrepreneurship. I will always treasure my mom she taught me many essential skills in life, how to appreciate life, and how to set my priorities! I learned the importance of having a sense of humor and being able to laugh through my hardest moments just like she did. I believe that I have become stronger and more independent. I am someone who knows what I want and not afraid to go out and get it, no matter what it takes! Lessons I’ve learned in my own journey in life and as a business owner. I hope that this post will help you combine your working life and your home life, enjoy your work, and perhaps, serve as an example to others that you can make your dreams and goals a reality just work hard.

“Mentorship is everything in life & business,”


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