Happy and excited to redecorate my work space!! Creating a relaxing and welcoming feel is what I aim for. Decorating is such a fun thing for me that I have developed confidence over the years. It’s a knack that I love. Unleashing the creative side of me makes me happy. I very much enjoy the process of being “in the zone”. 


The “buzz” about color is usually called “color psychology.” But the effects of color are subtle and significant; physical and psychological. 

Color use is not something that results in a definitive equation between “color and our moods,” as is a currently popular expression. Wherever we go we respond to color, but the importance of color is often underestimated. Color use is important to us personally in our homes and in the places where we work.

Start Small

Think About Your Mood

Pay Attention to Lighting

Learn the Color Terms

Test Your Color Choice
Add Depth With Decorative Finishes

Follow the Color Wheel

Number one color rule for a small space? There are no rules! Mixing colors can help bring a personal touch to your space.

My selection has been made! Check out my favorite shades will update you all with before and after pictures of my re-decorating results 😍 


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