I am dealing with Post-Pregnancy Body about to turn 34 years old 😁 …

After a Third Baby; … following the delivery of baby with fatigue as a result of a difficult schedule. With two other children ages 16 and 10 years old, I started all over again spending nights caring for the baby and days giving attention to my other kids. Juggling taking care of them and running my business. I am loving myself more than ever and enjoying the hard and long process of getting my body back!!
In all my pregnancies I gain a ridiculous amount of weight. This last pregnancy being the highest reaching 183 lbs I was totally baffled.

I try to drink milk and eat yogurt those are super foods because they’re high in the calcium. I eat Lean meat, chicken, and beans which are low in fat and high in protein and fiber. I like to do 3 day fast for some detox. Very hard in the summer with kids out of school and eating out but I avoid drinking sodas, eating breads, rice, pasta the yummy not healthy carbs…

I love having a little me-time to I bodywrap myself and jump in my sauna, at least 3 times a week!

Down to the last 10 stubborn pounds Will keep you guys updated on my progress … Please feel free to share any tips with me 😊

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