I am a big fan of shaved bare backs and nicely trimmed chest hairs referred to as Manscaping! I have been offering body grooming to my clients for years. Not all men feel comfortable waxing so I found my niche body grooming. Let me mention I’ve had “all” kinds of trimmers/clippers all colors, shapes and sizes. My ultimate favorite are #wahl trimmers they allow me to trim the fellas safely. Removing unwanted hair in private and not-so-private areas. I have used many other trimmers before. Wahl trimmers are very quick and easy to use. The trimmer allows for very quick trimming. No bothersome nicks along the way. Wahl trimmers are easy to clean and store. I use them as body shavers, body groomer and trimmer all at once. Always offering optimum performance.

After a long day of work cleaning my Wahl body grooming power tools!!! =)

[wpvideo d8cBrrxe]
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