My nine year old son has really dry skin, to the point it causes him to flare up with eczema. The skin gets really red, irritated and itchy. When you have very dry skin or eczema, the protective outer layer of your skin may be damaged,so it loses moisture the skin doesn’t produce enough natural oil and allows allergens, irritants. 

Miami Skincare

I keep him out of the sun.

I make him drink plenty of water.

I Wash all his clothing with baby detergent.

He showers with baby soap.

I moisturize entire body after he showers.  { This part is difficult kids dislike applying lotion }  makes them feel icky.  

I highly recommend:
Miami Skincare  

I love this product in about 3 days you notice a big difference on the skin. It helps control the itchyness. It keeps skin hydrated for a couple hours. The product is not greasy my son loves that part he doesn’t complain that he feels icky.

For anyone suffering with eczema try this product out for immediate long lasting hydration. 

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