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Becoming a mom can be exciting, emotional, and challenging to say the least. Whether you’re a new mom or pregnant enjoy healthy Non-alcoholic cocktails. My personal favorite is the vegetable cocktail with celery and avocado. Staying sober doesn’t have to be boring. Fun Non-Alcoholic Drinks that will get you in the party mood. Just because we are breastfeeding or pregnant doesn’t mean that we have to miss out on some fun.  

1. Orange and chocolate cocktail

Beat until fluffy foam 100 g of vanilla ice cream with 5 tablespoons orange juice, 5 tablespoons chocolate syrup and half a glass of milk. Pour into a tall glass, sprinkle with grated chocolate.

2. Creamy cherry cocktail
Beat 1 cup chilled milk with 200 g of ice cream and 3 tablespoons cherry syrup until very fluffy foam. Cool and pour into glasses.

3. Cocktail “Snow Queen” (milk, ice cream, kiwi fruit, yogurt, walnut)
Beat half a cup of milk with ice cream (200 g) and yogurt (half a cup). At the bottom of glasses lay slices peeled kiwi (aq). Grind 50 g of walnuts . Pour the cocktail into glasses and sprinkle with walnuts.

4. Cocktail “Snickers” (peanuts)
Beat 200g of ice cream with 5 tablespoons milk, 1 tbsp caramel and 1 tablespoon chocolate syrups. Pour into glasses and garnish with roasted peanuts (in any amount).

5. Strawberry coffee cocktail
Prepare in advance 1 coffee cup of strong espresso sweet, cool to room temperature. Beat 100g frozen or fresh strawberries with 100 grams of ice cream and coffee, pour into glasses and decorate the edges with small glasses of Passion.

6. Vegetable cocktail with celery and avocado
Beat 3 cups tomato juice with half a glass of juice from the stalks of celery and 3 tablespoons lemon juice. Avocados (2 pcs.) Peel and cut into cubes, spread out in glasses, pour cocktail, cool and decorate with mint leaves.

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