Observation – After a hard day’s work, many people dream of tranquility and peace, but few people take it for themselves. Most, after work, feel an anxiety that pushes them to consume (shopping, media or other). But why do people repudiate tranquility? Why not enjoy alone time? I’ve known people that couldn’t stand being by themselves, Society teaches that aloneness is a form of failure. Could it be that people are addicted to stress and the sense of purpose and action that so often accompany it. Have people forgotten how to make the most of boredom. Could it be that noise is addictive, that it makes an anxiety arise whenever there is silence?  Currently trying to figure it out ….

In my opinion the most important one, is reflection. It is when we are in tranquility that we can look inwards and start to shape ourselves. This tranquility requires us to also disengage from the creations of others. Some people still enjoy alone time  watching a movie, listening to a song, reading a book. Brainstorming how to improve parenthood skills, personal life how to better cater to your mate, how to make your business more successful etc. Perfect ways targeted to provide for a fruitful examination of the self. Therefore the ability to enjoy tranquility is a sign of maturity as is maintaining healthy relationships. Often, solitude is perceived as a form of strength of those who can live it. This can help explain why those that are able to be solitary are often so attractive; they are balanced, defined and strong individuals that are able to clearly hear their inner voice. I personally enjoy my tranquility time .. Do you?

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