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How hair removal can spice up sex NOT only women – Now Men Are Grooming

My craft in the wellness field is very personal. I get contacted often about grooming topics.

The main one is – Intimacy With My Boyfriend Has Changed From When We First Starting Dating. He Is Comfortable, and No Longer Grooming Down Under.

Attract a Woman’s Eye.

“We all respond to people who look and smell clean”#Grooming & #Hygiene are essential.

Ladies if you have issues with your partners hairy issues. Encourage and nicely suggest body grooming.

Options are #Shaving#Trimming and #Waxing.

Leave the mean criticism behind. Support your partner until you’ve worked up to a more refined setting. I completely understand you. I personally dislike #Bikini area that looks like a wild forest. Simply address the issue and spark up the #Romance!!!

I always encourage my clients to Let me know how things work out !!

The feedback of course is always fabulous.Clients report more sexy time. Which makes me happy to see couples work it out and get with the trend.

For THE NEW YEAR 2014  – Experience  luxury for those who want the confidence to bare it all. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

We also teach you how to maintain the look you require.


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